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            Remarkable Launch of Vewell Double-bezel 7mm ultra-slim bezel LCD Tiled Screen

                In recent days, Vewell, as an expert in the flat display industry, while engaging in R&D, has been focusing on product application field expansion and again pushing the LCD tiling technology to a new stage. On basis of the 11mm bezel of the 1st generation products, it has researched and developed the 2nd generation ultra-slim bezel LCD tiled screen (V46-SN20L) with both edges only 7.3mm wide. This product greatly impacts the LCD tiling market and establishes the leading position of Vewell in the LCD tiling field.

            V46-SN20L 2? Tiling

            Advanced Technology

                This Vewell LCD tiled screen is remarkable, especially its 7.3mm double-bezel tiling seam out of physical limit; from human vision, this seam can be ignored almost and is unimaginable. Vewell always pays attention to the advanced technologies applied in products with the objective to bring the most perfect and advanced technical solutions for users. Its 6 patented technologies are enough to prove its efforts and powerful strength in LCD display technologies.

            Double-bezel 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD Tiled Screen

            Double-bezel 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD Tiled Screen

            Perfect Vision

                Customer demand is the drive for technical advance; the ultimate purpose of pursuing advanced technologies is to bring users with perfect and virginal visual feast. The true 搒eamless?visual display effect removes users?troubles from divided images. Vewell 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD tiled screen has 3,000:1 super-high contrast ratio, ensuring the richness of displayed colors so that whether in darkness or brightness, the images are clear. The advanced PVA technology creates 178?viewing angle so that audience can watch the images from all directions. It supports continuous work for 365 days a year and the service life of the backlight source can reach more than 50,000h; the service life of the LCD screen even is longer. It is applicable for the all-directional video demand of all industries, even the critical users can be satisfied with satisfactory solution.

            Comparison between Vewell 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD Tiled Screen and Vewell 22mm Narrow- bezel LCD Tiled Screen

            Humanized Design

                Vewell, according to customer demand, designs humanized intelligent remote control system with outstanding performance, which can have remote settings to screens, breaks through spatial limit, and greatly saves labor, materials and at least half installation cost.

            All-directional Service

                Vewell engages in the R&D, production and sale of flat display devices and its products are sold to the whole Asia-Pacific Region. Adhering to the operation philosophy of 搃ndependent R&D? it has strong R&D technical strength and rich engineering implementation experience. As a leading supplier of flat display devices and application solutions in Asia, Vewell always takes the lead in the development of the LCD display industry and its sales volume has kept leading for many years successively. In addition to its top technologies, it has all-directional and high-quality services, year-around 7X24h continuous services and the response to the demands of customers of all countries and regions including China.

                The launch of Vewell double-bezel 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD tiliced screen provides an all-directional solution for the users of security monitoring, advertisement media, finance, traffic, etc. It is reported that, the launch of this model has drawn the high attention of the LCD tiling industry. At present, Beijing Twinflag Century Technology Co., Ltd, as the general agent in China of Vewell professional LCD monitors, starts the hot sale and supply of the product. According to the officers of Vewell, Vewell is the third manufacturer to launch double-bezel 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD tiliced screen after Samsung and NEC and its technological strength is believable. In addition, we remind users that, except Samsung, NEC and Vewell, no other manufacturers provide 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD tiliced screen in the market.

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