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            Vewell Professional LCD Display is Fully Unveiled at Beijing Subway

                The golden autumn brings cool fresh air in celebration of prosperity, and orange osmanthus emits fragrance to greet the wonderful festival. On the occasion of the whole nation celebrating the 60th anniversary of The Peoples Republic of China, Beijing Subway as the window of the capital city as well as the transport hub, opens a prelude to construction of multi-media advertising projects. The Beijing Subway will fully adopt large-screen professional LCD displays, which will revolutionize the traditional static light box-styled media. This is still the first case in the country and is also rare in the world.

            Vewell H Series LCD displays are unveiled at Subway Line 4.

                Subway multimedia advertisement is to play ads in terms of broadcasting information by setting LCD TV screens at subway, stations and other places, with the view of the purchase made by advertisers.

                After experiencing Olympic events, Beijing subway is dramatically increased in terms of transport capacity and service level. As of the first half of 2009, it had transported a total passenger volume of 645 million person-times, with the daily average volume of 3.565 million person-times. In the eyes of advertisers, Beijing Subway is undoubtedly a high-grade advertisement ore, most suitable for the urban development law, and having the largest commercial value. Like the fierce competition of advertising operation right between digital and other advertisers, the competition  between LCD display manufacturers, a major participant of multi-media advertising works, is also sharp. 

                H series of professional LCD displays produced by Vewell (China), with its high-definition video images, a unique outdoor design, and years of extensive experience in major projects, wins the favor and trust of advertisers, and takes the first place in fierce competition. It is comprehensively used for multi-media advertising construction projects of Subway Line 1, Line 2, Line 4,Line 5 and Line 10.

                Vewell H Series of professional LCD displays has the following advantages: full HD industrial-grade LCD panel, the main body of super-size screen, the resolution of up to 1920 × 1080, and first-class video processing chip. From the profession video perspective, the display effect of high-definition images is enhanced. Automatic temperature control, low-power consumption, dust and moisture protection, earthquake resistance and other high performance design, effectively help respond to the underground environment, ensure the stability of the whole machine, extend the service life of LCD display, and meet the project 7 × 24-hour incessant work needs in the mean time.

                If Vewell H Series of professional LCD displays is said to be uniquely designed for the special needs of outdoor use and underground works, then its dedication and intention on display performance are so sufficient to move users in pursuit of perfect images. For advertising media, image quality is life. Only the clear, lifelike, and high-quality images can better interpret the brand image in a huge number of customers, perfectly conveying advertising contents.

                In any aspect, Vewell (China) never fails to live up to the publics expectation. Vewell product has become a highlight in the first completed Subway Line 4, due to its outstanding performance and stability, stylish appearance, clear and exquisite images as well as lively smart expression of multi-media advertisements.

                Road is still long and remote, I am constantly in pursuit of truth. In the future Vewell (China) will still continue to focus on enhancing the core competitiveness, and make great efforts to build a world-class brand in the display industry.

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