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            Vewell, Creating the Beauty of Display China Public Security Expo 2009, Shengzhen

                The 12th China Public Security Expo(CPSE) was held in Shenzhen from Nov. 1st to 4th, 2009. 2009 is not only the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, but also the year China faces severe challenge from the financial crisis across the world. As the biggest and the most comprehensive annual exhibition and platform of communication in public security industry, the CPSE 2009 is of extraordinary significance, which presents to the whole world the No. 1 Public Security Expo with grandeur momentum.

            Vewell, Creating the Beauty of Display

                Vewell (China) CO., Ltd exhibited the full-line products of Vewell on CPSE 2009, focusing on 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel tiling solutions, large screen LCD monitoring solution, information releasing solutions, LCD touch screen solutions as well as non-standard-size solutions etc. Through this exhibition, Vewell had expected to repay the clients in public security industry via brand new technologies and products. What’s more, the commitment of Vewell to every client is to provide each customer with satisfied service for selecting Vewells LCD display products as well as to establish long-term relationship with each client.

            7.3mm Ultra-Slim Bezel Tiling Solution

                    Having been devoting to the diversified solutions to the field of security monitoring for quite a number of years, Vewell has gained the recognition from various industries, whose products have been applied in dozens of projects including Central Guard Bureau, Xinjiang Corps, CRCT, Shangxi Coal Mine, Oriental Media Center, the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, Beijing Radio, Guizhou Meteorology Bureau and Wenzhou Mobile etc. On CPSE 2009, a visual feast of seamless tilling was presented to the visitors via 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel tiling. DID screen and the unique design of 7.3mmultra-slim bezel have made Vewell ultra-slim bezel tiling as the leader in the industry of large screen tiling. Characterized by high-resolution and high-contrast, Vewell screens can display incomparable overall visual effect and transmit various images and information despite of horizontal display or vertical display. Random tiling of m×n (1×2, 2×3,3×4,…)or  n×n (2×2,3×3,4×4……) can be achieved by Vewell ultra-slim bezel tiling. The clear image, flexible combination and rich content allow the maximum freedom in design and the stunning effect of display for users. The unique software is available to control various devices of displays, which is a kind of interactive control system. When a PC or a server is installed with the software, users are able to control the tiling of all displays as well as contrast ratio, brightness, color and PIP etc via RS 485.

            Vewell 82-inch Multi Image Splitting Solution

                    Targeting at the field of security monitoring, Vewell has provided H series of 65-inch, 70-inch and 82-inch large screen LCDs that is more suitable for project application, as multi-signal image splitting processing can be achieved by large screens, optimizing the effect of monitoring. The Vewell H series large screen LCDs adopt full HD industrial LCD panel with the resolution of 1920×1080 as well as top-class video processing chip to improve the display effect of HD images from the professional video angle. Outstanding performance including automatic temperature control, low power consumption, dust-proof, moisture-proof and quake-proof is available to effectively prolong the service life of H series LCD, thus meeting the requirement of 7×24-hour non-stop operation.

                The H series industrial LCDs with stable and lasting performance are suitable for the application of public display and industrial projects in security monitoring, airports, subway rail transit, government, enterprise and public institutions, electrical power, transportation, mining, military commanding, urban traffic management, information releasing, financial securities etc. They are in the real sense the industrial LCDs.

            Vewell 40-inch LCD Touch Screen Solution

                Traditional small touch screens are achieved by technologies like capacitance, resistance and surface acoustic wave while large touch screens fail to achieve good orientation by traditional technologies. The Vewell liquid crystal touch screen adopts the technology of combining IR and CCD optical camera with large LCD as the newest interactive device, which is the most advanced, convenient and natural new multi-media interactive device characterized by high resolution, good light transmission, long trouble-free operation, quick response, maintenance free, long performance life and so on.

            Vewell 65-inch Digital Signage Solution

                In recent years, digital signage appears as an emerging industry. It is a brand new media concept, in which commerce, finance, economics and entertainment information is released through large-screen terminal displays in public places like megastores, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas, airports, subways, stations, banks and stadiums as well as other crowded places. The digital signage develops rapidly in recent years. Since 2005, the advertisement market in global digital signage has developed at the annual growth rate of 30% and its market scale is expected to surpass 13 billion US dollars by 2010. In 2008, about 1.1 million displays were applied in digital signage related fields, 34% more than the sales volume of displays in 2007 and it is expected to have 2.3 million displays applied in digital signage industry by 2010.
            Besides, large industrial LCDs will be applied as information releasing platform in Beijing Subway, which will completely overthrow traditional light box-style media. It is the breakthrough in China and also rare all over the world.

                Gaining the favor and trust from advertisers for its HD video image, unique outdoor design and years of experience in major projects, Vewell 65-inch industrial LCDs have won the competition among bidders to be applied in the multimedia ads projects in Subway Line 1, Subway Line 2, Subway Line 4, Subway Line 5 and Subway Line 10 etc.

                For more information, please visit http://www.xcqsw.com

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