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            Backed up by Diligent Work, Vewell Wins the "China Security Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009

                On January 7, 2010, the awarding ceremony of "China Security Ten Most Influential Brands in 2009" is grandly held in Shenzhen Xiangmihu Resort Good World banquet Hall. Backed up by its multi-year diligent work, Vewell is selected as one of 2010 China Security “Most Influential Brands” in "monitoring products".

                The selection activity is co-sponsored by the CPS network, International Security Brand Laboratory, and China Public Safety Research Institute, which mainly conduct evaluation for outstanding brands having a certain influence in the domestic security industry, with the aim of building up the outstanding performance enterprises which have contributed a lot to Chinas security brands, and establishing a benchmark to promote the rapid development of Chinas security brands. Selection is divided into a total of ten categories, including video servers, cameras, matrix, building intercom, access control systems, intelligent home, DVR, monitor, optical transmitter and receiver, anti-theft alarm, parking systems, and peripheral equipment. A total of 286 enterprises have entered for such a selection.

                Vewell (China) Co., Ltd always upholds the independent research and development philosophy, and after years of painstaking research, successfully creates "Vewell" brand LCD display products, including H series, L series, and S series of LCD display products of various sizes, targeting different industry segmentation, Meanwhile, Vewell has developed the ultra-slim bezel LCD tiling systems, large-size LCD touch screens, information releasing systems and other solutions, which are widely applied in security monitoring field. The selection of Vewell as one of 2010 China Security “Ten Most Influential Brands” in "monitoring products", fully embodies the application strength of Vewell LCD monitoring products in the security monitoring field, and at the same time lays a solid foundation for further development of Vewell LCD display products.

            Vewell Award-receiving Photo (the first on the left)

                In 2009, Vewell, aimed at the particular application area of security monitoring, concentrated on research and development and launched the worlds narrowest LCD tiling product V46-SN20L. The product can be used for large-screen tiling projects in security monitoring field, and bilateral bezel tiling size is only 7.3mm, in support of 3 × 3 tiling, 3 × 5 tiling, 4 × 4 tiling, 3 × 4 tiling, 6 × 6 tiling and other tiling methods. Customers also perform any tiling combination based on practical application requirements. In 2009, Vewell created a lot of successful application cases in the security monitoring field, for example: Beijing Air Force Command Monitoring Project, Xinjiang Corps Prison Administration Bureau Monitoring Project, Shanxi Zhengbang Coal Mine Monitoring Project, Dalian Lvshui Port Fire Brigade Monitoring Project, Shanxi Huozhou Production Monitoring Project, Beijing Wangjing Heating Plant Production Monitoring Project, etc..

                Vewell’s LCD display product, by virtue of its excellent performance, and a wide range of industrial applications, was selected as one of 2010 China Security “Most Influential Brands” in "monitoring products", which is a powerful evidence of Vewell’s strength. In the coming days, Vewell (China) Co., Ltd. will continue to be indulged in R & D and innovation, and make great efforts to build a top brand of large-screen tiling in the security monitoring field.

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