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            Looking back in 2009, Vewell LCD Tiling Wall Outshined Other Brands in Large-screen Tiling Market

                Since 2009, the domestic large-screen tiling industry has entered into a new stage of development. From the existence of two-bezel 7.3mm LCD tiling screen, a group of outstanding tiling products are destined to emerge in the domestic large-screen tiling market. As the Asian leading supplier of flat-panel display equipment and application solutions, Vewell in 2009 successfully launched a new generation of 7.3mm ultra-slim bezel LCD tiling product V46-SN21L. Upon the appearance of the product in the market, the product received immediate love from customers. At the National Security Community Gathering concluded recently, Vewell LCD tiling products were highly selected as one of the top 10 influential brands of China Security monitoring products.

            Vewell’s Award Certificate and Trophy

                    The year 2009 was a "fortune-year" for LCD tiling wall industry. The appearance of 7mm ultra-slim bezel product completely changed the future development of the tiling market, and greatly promoted the extensive application of LCD tiling wall products. For Vewell, it was also a fast-growth year. In the increasingly fierce brand competition in the domestic and oversea market, with excellent business development ideas and continuous product innovation, Vewell has always been standing in the forefront of the industry, not only successfully launching the 7.3mm ultra-slime bezel LCD tiling products, but also making the products widely used in large-screen tiling industry.

                In 2009, Vewell ultra-slim bezel LCD tiling display stood out in the large-screen tiling industry. Vewell product has the following advantages: the worlds narrowest tiling, support 7 × 24-hour non-stop operation, service life of over 50000 hours, and random tiling combination of M × N (1 × 2 , 2 × 3,3 × 4 ... ...) and N × N (2 × 2,3 × 3,4 × 4 ... ...). Within only one year, Vewell became well known to every household in the large-screen tiling field, and successfully implemented a number of tiling projects, particularly in the security monitoring field. Vewell’s successful application cases are available throughout the country, for example, "Beijing Air Force Command Department Monitoring Project", "Xinjiang Corps Prison Administration Bureau Monitoring Project", "Shanxi Zhengbang Coal Mine Monitoring Project", "Dalian Lvshun Port Fire Brigade Monitoring Project", "Shanxi Huozhou Coal Mine Production Monitoring Project", "Beijing Wangjing Heating Supply Plant Production Monitoring Project", "Harbin City Nangang District Changjiang Road, Provincial Supervision Department Project", "Guizhou Province Pingba County Weather Bureau Project", "Henan Province Gushi County Public Security Bureau 110 Command Center Project ", and so on.

            Vewell Tiling Application Cases Show

                The year 2009 was an unusual year for the domestic large-screen market. The appearance of 7.3mm LCD tiling screen laid a good foundation for LCD tiling having better prospects in large-screen tiling industry. In 2009, Vewell seized the opportunity to launch ultra-slim bezel LCD tiling products in line with the market progress, and to enter into the large-screen tiling industry step by step. Unique features of Vewell LCD tiling products are adequately demonstrated in a large number of tiling application cases.

                Looking ahead, Vewell will still focus on new product R&D and innovation, and improve core competitiveness, and introduce a narrower bezel LCD tiling products in due time, with its full effort to build a first-class large-screen tiling brand.

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