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            Vewell LCD Tiling Wall Outshines Other Brands in Unlimited Development Prospects of Large-screen Til

                With the continuous development and progress of display equipments, more and more large-screen display devices are demanded in many aspects such as production scheduling, transportation management and control, communications network management, security monitoring, meeting rooms, studios, showrooms, shopping malls, airports, stations and many other places.  Large-screen tiling market can be described as an unlimited potential market, where the competition among the various technologies is also becoming increasingly fierce.

                In the large-screen tiling field, mainstream tiling display technologies include DLP rear projection tiling, LCD tiling and MPDP plasma tiling. The biggest difference among the three technologies lies in the principles of display technology, but for customers in the industry, the largest difference in application consists in tiling control level, of which DLP rear project ranges from 0.1mm to 1mm; most MPDP products have 2mm-size tiling, and 1mm-size tiling is made possible through the use of high-end technology. The existing Vewell V46-SN21L products at the level of current LCD tiling technology can reach the minimum tiling size of 6.7mm. 

                As Vewell, Samsung and other two-bezel tiling 6.7mm ultra-slim LCD tiling units appear on the market, a big change has taken place in large-screen tiling market pattern. Although in Vewell LCD tiling products, there are still some gaps among 6.7mm tiling, DLP tiling, and PDP tiling,  within only one year Vewell LCD tiling walls are available across the country, for example, in the Northwest Region, there are Xinjiang Corps Prison Monitoring Center 3 × 4 Tiling, Urumqi Airport Customs Monitoring System of 2 × 2 Tiling, Gansu Baiyin City Radio and Television 3 × 4 Tiling, etc; in North China,there are Shanxi Zhengbang Coal Mine 3 × 5 Tiling, Huli Media Beijing Yanjiao Health Tower 6 × 6 Tiling, Tangshan Lishi Electrical and Mechanical Equipment 3 × 3 Tiling, etc; in the Northeast region, there are Dalian Lushunkou District Fire Brigade 3 × 3 Tiling and etc; in East China, there are Huai Zhejiang Meidian Fengtai Power Plant 3 × 3 Tiling, Wenzhou Mobile Production Command Building Hall 2 × 2 Tiling and etc; and in Henan there is  Zhengzhou Peoples Radio Tiling Project, and in Guizhou there is Guizhou Province Pingba County Meteorological Bureau Tiling Project, and etc.

            Vewell LCD Tiling Project Show

                Wide application of Vewell LCD tiling walls throughout the country reflects that in current large-screen tiling industry, 6.7mm LCD tiling does not affect the display effect of industrial applications. With the further development of LCD technology, LCD tiling products of less than 3mm tiling size are expected to come out, and will be a large-screen tiling market leader, beyond the DLP rear projection and PDP plasma tiling.

                As the Asian leading supplier of flat-panel display equipment and application solutions, in 2009 Vewell successfully launched ultra-slim bezel product V46-SN21L, as a strong attack to large-screen tiling market. Backed up with its superior performance, perfect solution, and skillful construction technology, it has successfully achieved quite a number of times being the first in large-screen tiling industry. Vewell LCD tiling wall stands out and has become a bright star in the large-screen tiling industry.

            Wei Rui (China) Co., Ltd.
            Tel :010-82569998

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