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            Vewell Wins "Commercial Display Excellent Brand Award" in the Large-screen Audio-visual In

                In January 2010, the selection of "2009-2010 Large-screen Projection Festival" was successfully concluded in Beijing, where Vewell, the Chinas leading manufacturer of large-screen professional displays, at one stroke won "Commercial Display Excellent Brand Award" of the large-screen audio-visual industry, by virtue of its professional products and excellent solutions.

                The event is aimed to make a summary of development situations of the large-screen audio-visual industry over the past year, and to look into future development prospects for the large-screen audio-visual industry. By means of commendation and encouragement for leading brands, innovative products and technology, favorable market environment is created to speed up development and upgrade of the industry, and enterprises are guided to establish and strengthen brand consciousness and innovative consciousness, with the aim of jointly promoting sound development of the large-screen audio-visual industry. Vewell is the winner of "Commercial Display Excellent Award ", which fully reflects that Vewells products receive general praise from consumers, professionals and industry experts alike.

                The year 2009 witnessed tremendous difficulties and dreams in the domestic large-screen audio-visual industry. In face of the global financial crisis, Vewell braved difficulties, seized opportunities to change crisis into opportunities, and in due time launched a number of series of large-screen commercial display products and solutions, including S-Series ultra-slim bezel display products for large-screen tiling application, H-Series display products suitable for information releasing in public places, and L-Series display products suitable for various industry ads and demonstration. Recalling 2009, Vewells commercial display products are applied in all walks of life throughout the country, and typical cases are included as follows: Beijing Subway Line 4 Electronic Media Project, Xinjiang Corps Prison Administration Bureau Monitoring Project, China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, The Second Institute Tiling Project, State Taiwan Affairs Office Cultural Transmission Center Project, China Science and Technology Hall Project, North China University of Industry Monitoring Room Project, Tianjin Environmental Sanitation Bureau Project, Guizhou Province Pingba County Meteorological Bureau Project, etc..

                As the Asian leading supplier of flat-panel display equipments and application solutions, Vewell this time won "Commercial Display Excellent Brand Award" in the "2009-2010 Large-screen Projection Festival" of the large-screen audio-visual industry, which is the best interpretation of Vewell brand and its products. In the future, Vewell will still focus on R & D and innovation, and lead us into a new large-screen era, with the latest technologies and products as well as the most professional services rooted in the large-screen audiovisual industry.

            Vewell (China) Co., Ltd.
            Tel :010-82569998

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