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            Application Case of Vewell Products in Luxembourg Pavilion of Expo 2010

                With advanced panels and top-class video processing chips, Vewell industrial displays specialize in upgrading the display effect of high definition images from the professional video perspective. The unique dust-proof and moisture-proof design can be applied in various environments. It is the industrial display in the real sense meeting the requirement of 7×24-hour non-stop operation.

                At the same time, Vewell also specializes in producing mirror waterproof TV with top screen protection, which is abrasion resistant, scratch proof, highly clear and anti-dazzle, thus providing a perfect visual enjoyment for users. It can be applied in various complex environments, especially suitable for environments of upscale hotels, senior recreation areas, sauna, shower room, outdoor ads, semi-outdoor electronic art gallery as well as underwater video etc.

            The figure below shows the Vewell Mirror TV applied in Luxembourg Pavilion of Expo 2010:

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