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            Application Case of Vewell Products in Shandong Cuisine Pavilion of Expo 2010

                Vewell tiling displays are usually applied in LCD tiling video wall solution composed of components like display, signal process and central control management software. Users can flexibly open several windows in video wall, fill the content of display as well as enlarge the active window to the whole video wall, achieving go-as-you-please display requirement in the real sense.

                Vewell tiling displays can be applied in the new media ads display in metro, airport, railway station, office build and marts etc, the monitoring of customs, frontier defense and border, the surveillance of toll stations, urban traffic management center and urban safety surveillance center, dispatch and command center of metro, railway and road as well as the production scheduling system for enterprises in coal, electricity and water conservancy industries, to name just a few.

            The figures below show the Vewell tiling displays displays applied in Shandong Cuisine Pavilion of Expo 2010:

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