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            Application Case of Vewell Information Releasing Products in Hospital

                Focusing on the R & D of various types of LCDs as well as the design of system software, Vewell has been trying its best to meet the increasing demands of users for the production and release of picture and text information. Vewell information releasing system is available to allow users to make prompt collection, creation, delivery and release of dynamic multi-regional information and other functions by means of the most efficient and convenient operation. In combination with a variety of Vewell LCDs, both 24-hour automatic play of information and the display of high-quality and high-performance images can be achieved. In addition, personalized functional customization also benefits perfect distribution of all kinds of advertisement and information.
                Vewell information releasing system can be extensively applied in various industries like government, finance, telecommunication, transportation, education, entertainment and media.

            The figure below shows the Vewell information releasing system applied in a general hospital:

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