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            Home > Products > Interactive Displays > Vewell 65" Interactive Displays: V65-T6NCL7
            Vewell 65" Interactive Displays: V65-T6NCL7
            Vewell Interactive Electronic Whiteboard

            ·Multi-point Gesture Recognition, gentle and smooth in operation
            ·Hyperstatic system supporting with agile and accurate response
            ·Vivid, visual, environmentally friendly without affecting health
            ·More powerful and perfect functions
            ·Enormously improving work efficiency and strengthen teaching effects
            ·Reinforcing teacher-student interaction and improving student interest
            ·Conducting distance teaching and realizing resource sharing by internet

            * LED backlight panel (configured for some types)

            ·Low power consumption, environmentally friendly and energy-saving
            High efficiency and long service life Bright color
            ·Stable and professional structural design
            Anti-explosion/anti-dazzle/anti-dust/anti-fog Color increase/brightness increase
            ·Guarantying safe and reliable operation
            Complete unit of professional display comes from same production line to guarantee the product quality and technology. 3C energy-saving certificate for complete unit, the only 3C certificate in the type br>

            Technical Superiority

            Professional quality
            Vewell liquid panels all adopt industry-specific panel. World-leading image processing technology, present perfect image for users.


            Professional interface
            Extensive connection function and providing professional interfaces like AV、VGA、DVI, Accessing to relative interface configuration in multimedia teaching.

            Multi-point Touch
            Adopting most advanced multi-point infrared or optical touch technology in the world and supporting large size touch. Hyperstatic system support and multi-gesture action recognition realizing quicker and smoother operation. The completely new interactive experience indicates fully the unique charm possessed by human computer interaction.

            Professional Designed Structure
            Aluminum cover, integrative design, practical, simple and generous appearance. Specially reinforced and waterproof structural design, suitable for any severe environment. Installing ultra-white toughened glasses to protect the screen body from scratch, damage and corrosion.

            Electronic Whiteboard Function

            ·Integration of Central Control Platform
            The control of teaching process is easily realized the simple switch of console can control the play of presentation material. It avoids diverting students’ attention when teacher go and come between the blackboard and console.

            ·Push-pull Whiteboard Design
            Extending teacher’s writing space to explain teaching contents more rounded.

            ·Near-end Touch Interaction
            Near-end display has same interactive function which can form unified content interaction with large size white board.

            ·Free Switch of Video
            Introducing various digital information resources timely, conveniently and flexibly and editing, organizing, presenting and controlling multimedia materials freely to make the presentation of digital resources more flexible, and solving the problem of high solidification of teaching material structure by using courseware and slide speeches under multimedia projection system situation in the past.

            ·Real-time Saving and Reading
            Board writing contents can be saved, and any text, image or inserted pictures written on white board can be saved to disk or removable storage devices to share with students.

            ·Real-time Printing
            Information can be distributed to students in form of electronic or printed format for after-class review or preview material.

            ·Physical Grabbing
            Electronic physical exhibition stand can display various presentation objects, like models, specimens, props or books immediately in the screen and extend the presentation space in maximum limit.

            * Brand new built-in PC product, more economical, more environmental
            friendly and more effective display solution. (65" and upwards types optional accessory solution)

            ·Built-in PC carry Intel Celeron Dual-Core processor and integrated audio processor chip, support multiple output formats including LVDS,DVI & HDMI. ·Built-in PC provides many effective, economical and professional network solutions for clients. ·Built-in PC could realize simple settings of LAN and managements of server software, satisfies all kinds of needs of clients and helps express their opinions in a more clear and confident way. ·Built-in PC could reduce cost and improve performance. No need for extra equipment to accomplish play requirement, small investment for big gains. ·Built-in computer has network functions, applicable to remote control

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