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            Education Industry·Display Application Solution

            Application Case of Vewell Products in Library Touch Query System
            Vewell Touch Screen Serie is the new touch screen solution designed to coordinate with various large size and super large size high definition flat panel displays changing displays into interactive displays. It can not only be combined with computers to f ...

            Application Case of Vewell Electronic Whiteboard in Electronic Interactive Teaching System
            Vewell Electronic Whiteboard is the high-end solution to sensor whiteboard (hardware) and whiteboard operation system (software), which integrates computer technology with microelectronic technology and electronic communication technology to form an intel ...

            Application Case of Vewell Products in the Invigilation System of an Experimental Middle School
            Vewell tiling displays are usually applied in LCD tiling video wall solution composed of components like display, signal process and central control management software. Users can flexibly open several windows in video wall, fill the content of display as ...

            Application Case of Vewell Information Releasing Products in BEIHANG University
            Focusing on the R & D of various types of LCDs as well as the design of system software, Vewell has been trying its best to meet the increasing demands of users for the production and release of picture and text information. ...

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